Jenny West's Donation Quest II: Electric Boogaloo
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Jenny West's Donation Quest II: Electric Boogaloo
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UPDATE: oh. em. gee. Y'all, we did it! This is the most I've ever raised in a CHIRP drive and I'm PSYCHED. Thanks so much to my wonderfully supportive friends, family and community.

If you didn't get a chance to contribute yet, don't worry -- let's ROCK this drive and hit my stretch goal of $666! 

ABOUT 2018 Spring Fundraising Campaign

Sending a Few Dollars to CHIRP Makes Good Sense!

CHIRP is a a listener-supported, volunteer-driven station. You make everything we do possible, whether it's supporting local artists, introducing you to tons of new music, throwing great events, or providing an outlet for your favorite DJ. Please make a gift supporting our fall fundraiser so we can continue this important work!

In this era, it's more important than ever to support independent media. No commercials. No voice-tracking. No algorithms. Just great music brought to you by true music fans.

If you would like to become a sustaining member by making a recurring donation (monthly or quarterly), or if you want to select a thank you gift, please visit CHIRP's main donation page to make your contribution (and don’t forget to enter the name of the CHIRP Volunteer or DJ in the “How did you hear about CHIRP” section so they can receive credit for your gift).

Name Date Amount Comments
Saskia Blanco 03/23/2018 $75.00  
Christina Leaf 03/23/2018 $15.00  
Jennifer Martensen 03/20/2018 $25.00  
Andrew Masters 03/20/2018 $20.00 Thanks for all you do!!
M John Chapman 03/20/2018 $60.00  
Danny O'Brien 03/19/2018 $20.00  
Marjurie Ribeiro 03/16/2018 $15.00  
Sangdi Chen 03/16/2018 $50.00 Supporting public radio!
Anonymous Friend 03/13/2018 $5.55  
Arran McNicol 03/13/2018 $20.00  
Steven Hayner 03/13/2018 $25.00 Rock On!
Andrew Tai 03/13/2018 $100.00  
Andy Tuttle 03/13/2018 $50.00 Keep spreading good music and good vibes!
James Blachowski 03/13/2018 $20.00  
Darryl S 03/13/2018 $20.00 A little closer to your goal. -d
David Makil 03/13/2018 $25.00 Play some Skynyrd!
Jessie Abernathy 03/13/2018 $69.69 Nice
  Total $615.24